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Stigmatized Home Sales

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What is a stigmatized home?
A stigmatized home is a home where an event has occurred that could negatively affect the material value of that home. Examples of this could be death, murder, suicide, hoarding, meth lab, celebrity home, paranormal, a home with historical significance, and others too numerous to name.

Why do I need a specialist to sell my home?
Not all real estate agents and financial teams understand how to properly market the property to attract multiple potential buyers, while still complying with all of the disclosure laws of their state. 

Our goal is to bring in multiple offers for your home, and use those multiple offers to leverage a higher sales price. There is no reason a stigmatized home in good, livable condition should sell for pennies on the dollar. We take pride in selling stigmatized homes at or above market value.

What services do you offer?
It depends on the stigma, media coverage, and the local market conditions. The first thing we do is meet with the family and/or representatives of the estate for a free consultation. We review the property and the circumstances, then prepare a strategy for maximizing the sale of the home.

Here is a partial list of the services we offer or coordinate:

Asset Preservation
Broker Price Opinions
Home Clean Out/Clean Up
Home Repair/Remodeling
Marketing Plan/Valuation for Sale of Home 
International/National/Regional/Local Marketing
Open Houses

Professional Photography/Video
3D and Virtual Reality Modeling

Listing and Sale of Home
Feng Shui/Geomancy
Energy Work

How much do you charge?
We are commissioned based and we do not get paid until your home is sold. (There may be some services that we will ask you to pay in advance directly to third party vendors.) All real estate commissions are negotiable, and our commissions are slightly higher than the standard agent commission. We are confident that using our services will net you more money at the end of the day. We have clients that are willing to share their experiences. Testimonials available upon request. 

I'm interested! How do I get more information?
Simply fill out the form on the upper right hand side and we will contact you. You can also reach out to Cindi Hagley directly by calling or texting (925) 867-4663 or cindi@thehagleygroup.com.