Have you been involved in a mortgage of forbearance program and not paid your mortgage during the pandemic? The program is now over and lenders are going to be asking for their money.
PLEASE open every e-mail from your mortgage company - and the moment you see the words "notice of default" or "foreclosure" you need to pick up the phone and call me right at (925) 867-4663.
Here's What Happens Next:
1. We contact your lender to see what programs you may be eligible to pursue - our main goal is to help you save your home;
2. If you need to sell your home, we determine much how much money you will walk away with if you sell - as well as how much time you have before it affects your credit;
3. I introduce you to buyers and I negotiate the highest possible price for your home;
4. My services are FREE until you sell your home - then I will earn a small commission from the sale.
I went through the mortgage crisis several years ago and I help hundreds of folks in trouble with their lenders. I can help you too. 925-867-4663
Buyers and Sellers love Cindi and The Hagley Group. Why? Because you are not just a transaction. Cindi takes the time to learn about your needs. She cares that your needs are being met. The entire team is known for its transparency, empathy, and compassion.
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