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Cindi Hagley


Cindi Hagley was born and raised in Appalachia, and at age 10 she announced to her family that she was moving to the West Coast to work in television. It was a huge goal for a young girl who came from a family whose members never graduated high school – let alone go to college. “I have no idea where that idea came from. I come from a family of farmers, miners, and railroad workers. But they supported me, and that goal became a reality.” She resigned from Disney/ABC in 2006. Hagley attended The University of Akron, putting herself through school by working as on-air talent at a local radio station. She moved to the Bay Area in 1990 and enjoyed a successful career as a television executive, before leaving to pursue her real estate career. Hagley credits her success in real estate with her broadcast sales training. “I’ve negotiated everything from the Super Bowl, to the Academy Awards, to New York Yankees Baseball with Fortune 500 Companies,” she says. ”The stakes are higher in real estate. My clients are trusting me with what is quite often the single largest asset they will ever own. That’s a lot of money, a lot of trust, and a lot of passion on my part to outperform my competitors and deliver a superior experience to my clients. If I don’t exceed expectations, then I have not done my job.” In her spare time, she enjoys playing guitar and fiddle and performing with her band. She loves to hike, kayak, golf, and explore the world with family and friends. A portion of Hagley’s income is donated to local non-profit organizations, where she frequently volunteers. She is known for her humor and compassion.

Michael Dosanjh

Realtor / Real Estate Professional

License Number: 01253603

Michael has decades of real estate experience. Born and raised in England, his early childhood days were spent supporting his parents who were investors of flip properties in England. After moving to the USA, he earned a degree in Accounting/Finance, and then went onto working in the corporate world. It did not take long for Michael to realize his strengths were put to maximum use in the area of real estate. For him, life is a pursuit of excellence and a commitment to going above and beyond to improve other people’s lives. Michael knows that buying or selling a home is an important financial transaction, and that preparation is ninety percent of a successful one. When Michael puts a house on the market, it is ready to show and sell. With his experience in accounting and strong analytical insights, Michael also has the ability to quickly size up bidding situations and provide intelligent and informed recommendations. His local market knowledge and financial expertise always gives his clients a competitive advantage. Michael is highly ethical and feels morally obligated to do the best job possible for each client. He takes great pride in taking care of people, who count on him to help them make difficult decisions and be straightforward with them. As a result, he gets many referrals from past clients, mortgage brokers, and even other local realtors who trust his sound judgment. As a husband and father, Michael believes that professional real estate service is based on a commitment to caring for the families. “Real estate isn’t just about financial transactions and houses, it is about the lives and dreams of the people I represent,” he says. “What I love best about my work is the knowledge that I was able to make a true impact in a family’s life and in some way help them achieve their goals and dreams.” Ask anyone who has ever worked with Michael and they’ll agree that he provides service you can rely on. Give him a call today.